Our solutions help communities to improve and develop their operation towards tomorrow's world. In tomorrow's world the communities operate more efficiently and people are even more satisfied to their everyday life and workign conditions.

Mainio Time

for clarifying digital strategy


We work with you to understand how and where your community can improve. We analyze the problem areas to better understand your operation and to identify the untapped opportunities.

Process Improvement

We improve the processes that are already used by your community. The goal is to greatly improve the community's performance through more efficient processes and better working conditions.


We automate labor intensive processes using state of the art digital technologies. The open source digital systems based on your community's needs make every day life and routines easier and free valuable working time for more valuable tasks.

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Mainio Make

for building tomorrow's world


The development of a service begins by specifying the purpose of the application and how it functions. After this phase, it should be clear to all stakeholders what is to be developed.


Design turns concepts and specifications into digital user interfaces. This phase specifies how the end users see the application.

Software Development

Software development brings ideas and concept to life. Purposeful digital services require extensive knowledge about the different phases of the software lifecycle.

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