Mainio Time

Mainio Time provides a toolkit for developing and improving communities. Our solutions help communities to develop and improve the efficiency and other aspects of their operation.


Mainio Time is a service which is tailored to your needs. Our solutions allow communities ot develop and optimize their operation which produces cost savings and new innovations within the communities.

Our services help you to develop:

  • New processes and ways of working that make every day life easier and improve the efficiency of the operation.
  • Process automation which frees valuable working time to more valuable tasks and improves the efficiency of the work.
  • Efficient digital tools for improving and making the daily life easier.


We provide a development package that allows us to see the problematic areas and identify the development needs within the communities. We develop the new ways of operating primarily using digial tools.

We take broad advantage of open source software tools. We have an extensive experience with open source software tools that help to improve the everyday life within communities and make it possible for them to develop further. Based on the identified needs we will recommend the correct tools that make all of this possible.

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