Open Source

Open source is an important part of software development today. It allows developers to solve many widely known programming problems quickly through well tested available components. Some of our projects might lead us to creating new open-source components that help both the customer throughout the lifecycle of these components and the whole open-source community.

We use a lot of open-source software and components in our projects. To show our gratitude, we are also offering our own expertise back to the open-source communities by participating in the development of these software and components. We are also developing our own software and components that we are sharing forward with open-source licenses.

We feel that as we benefit from open-source software and components, our obligation is to also give something back. These contributions also help our customers because they ensure that the software and components that we use work now and in the distant future. In addition, our contributions ensure that, for example, new bug fixes are included in future releases of these components and software, reducing the overall maintenance costs for customers using these tools.

We are regularly fixing bugs we find in the systems we use and developing additional features for them. In addition, we have built many open-source extensions for these systems that we use in many of our customer projects.

You can explore our open-source projects and contributions in our GitHub profile. Some of them have been built just for enjoyment, which shows our genuine passion for software development.

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