Kalastajille.fi was an online community for fishers and other people interested in the topic. The service allowed fishers to share their catches and fishing spots. The service also provided a discussion forum where the members could discuss about topics related to fishing. The site was maintained by an individual who is still a passionate fisher.


The client wanted to build an online portal around fishing inspired by its founders’ passionate hobby. The main idea of the new service was that fishers would be able to mark their catches and fishing spots online. This supporting idea was then expanded leading to the idea of building a whole online community around the topic. In addition, the possibility to add images to the catches was an important requirement for the service.

Based on these ideas we helped the client to create a working concept for the whole service. We were consulting the client with the planning and specification work after which a design was created in cooperation with a graphic designer. We were also responsible for the technical implementation of the service.


The service was implemented with the concrete5 content management system. The system was extended to answer to the technical needs of the service. The site included, for example, a database including all Finnish water areas and a feature that automatically detects the user’s location when they are marking a new fishing spot on the map. The site used the HTML5 Geolocation API for detecting the user’s location. The site also followed the modern standards for website user interfaces by being responsive and usable with devices of all sizes.

The end result was an easy-to-use online service that is easy to understand for its users. End users could either maintain a private fishing journal where they mark their catches to be seen only by them or alternatively share their catches with the rest of the world. The discussion forum opened up the possibility for the site members to discuss about topics related to fishing.

The service has been closed since because it did not reach big enough audience that the service maintainer had set as a goal for the service.





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