Mainio Tech is a software house. We build digital solutions that provide value to organizations of all sizes. Our clientele consists of public organizations and SMEs.


The company was founded in 2011 because we wanted to create high quality digital services while also making our daily work enjoyable and fun. We want the good atmosphere of our company to be seen as the result of our projects.

With a combination our business process expertise, open-source digital tools and custom digital solutions, we believe we can provide value to the daily operation of your organization. Working closely with our clients, we can provide the most value to their daily lives.

We support and contribute to open-source development. We are regularly fixing bugs with open-source software and developing additional features to them. In addition to our customer projects, we also do open-source development for our own enjoyment driven by our genuine passion and love towards software development. You can explore our open-source projects and contributions through our GitHub profile.

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