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Mainio Make provides our digital knowledge to other organizations. We plan, design and implement software for customized needs.


We use multiple different technologies in our projects. We always select the best technologies based on the customer requirements for each project. Each project is individual which is why we are not exclusively using any specific technologies.

  • Specification and concept development - Before a service can be designed and implemented, there needs to be a clear plan on what is expected to be achieved. This is done through a clearly thought out concept and guidelines for the software to be developed.
  • Design - The design process turns the plans and concepts into concrete user interfaces that can be implemented. The design process further defines how the software functions and what it looks like.
  • Implementation - The software development process turns the concepts and plans to life. After this phase, the software can be used through digital devices.

We are also maintaining the applications we have developed and we have extensive knowledge about maintaining and monitoring software. We are experienced with all the necessary server software as well as cloud environments.

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